Missione Possibile Svizzera has been interested in young people’s education for a few years already. We believe that in order to contribute to the improvement of life’s conditions in a country with so many social, health and economic problems like Cambodia, the help of people who are willing and eager to lend a hand is essential.

This is the reason why Missione Possibile Svizzera has started, in 2010, a fruitful partnership with SUPSI (University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland). Students who wish to do an internship abroad in the field of Development Aid are put into contact with specific associations who can help them.

Missione Possibile Svizzera is one of them. From time to time, depending on the students’ wishes and availability and on our needs, we organize a work schedule together with our local agent. The project could be limited in time or could be part of a wider involvement developed through different stages every time some volunteer flies to Cambodia. Romina and Laura, for example, two young ladies studying nursing, were able to do an internship in our mobile clinic in Cambodia. Click here to read about their experience.

It is an honor for us to enjoy the trust of a higher educational institution. We hope to continue and develop further the partnership, confident that it will be ever more fruitful for all sides involved.