Send your donation to:

Associazione Missione Possibile Svizzera
Via D’Argine 4a
6929 Gravesano
Tel. +41 91 224 38 81

Banca Raiffeisen Lugano 
Società Cooperativa
Via Pretorio 22
6900 Lugano

Conto corrente nr 1071585.70
IBAN CH 04 8037 5000 1071 5857 0 
Codice bancario: 80375 

A monthly donation through a permanent payment order is a very important procedure for us, because it allows us to schedule our future activities. You can revoke your order of payment whenever you want, simply by sending a letter or calling us at Missione Possibile.

You can also comfortably make a donation by credit card clicking nearby.

On April 2, 2009 Missione Possibile obtained from the Canton Ticino Tax Department the appellation of “public utility”. This is very important, because it implies, for our association, the exemption from the payment of cantonal and federal taxes on profit and capital. Moreover, it also benefits our donors: every donation to our association is tax-deductible. You just have to mention them in the proper heading of your income tax return.
(The allowance is accepted for donations of at least CHF 100.– per year and for a maximum amount of 10% of the taxable income for the cantonal tax and of 20% of the federal tax). 

We are also members of “FOSIT”, the Federation of NGO in Italian speaking Switzerland.