Trip to Cambodia, departing from  Rome or Milan to Bangkok and to the final destination of Phnom Penh – with Thai Airways.

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Program outline:

Visit to the concentration camp in Phnom Penh, maintenance work at our school in Roong village, distribution of toys, clothes and food. You will meet many young people and help arrange a trip for 40 orphans. You will be able to bring love.

IMPORTANT REQUIREMENTS: love for your neighbor, a valid passport, a sense  of  adventure, some courage, the willingness to get to know a new culture, the possibility of self-financing.

Before going on a trip with us, you need to know that it will be neither a game nor a joke, but that we will still have fun together!

It will be a wonderful opportunity to do good, to love those who are far from us and to challenge yourself and your skills.

The trip will revolutionize your life and those whom we will meet on the mission. Some people have gone to Cambodia on their first missionary journey and have felt so a home that they have remained for years!

We believe it is our responsibility as Christians to love and to help our neighbor in need in a practical way.

You will have to put up with heat, insects, horrible toilets, the lack of drinking water, no pizza, spaghetti or lasagna for hundreds of miles.

If you so desire, the mission trip will change your life, regardless of the reason for your joining: the wish to become a full-time missionary or just to have the “hit and… run” experience. 

One thing is certain: you will leave temporarily your safe place, many certainties and a lot of comfort!

Our effort will not be so extreme, but we need people willing to do anything or… almost anything!


In this manual you will find everything you need to know about our travels and how they are organized, and a lot of information about Cambodia.