We believe it is our duty to reach, serve and help the poor, those in need, the afflicted and the suffering, to encourage them to believe and hope in a better future.

In our fight against poverty and injustice we invest in local communities with educational projects, schools and medical care.

We believe in the freedom of thought as a fundamental right of every person.

We want to support families, to prevent neglect, abuse and exploitation of children.

We invest in the coming generations to improve the quality of life in different countries of the world.

We help people irrespectively of nationality, race, ethnic group, creed or gender.

Missione Possibile wants to respond with passion to the desperation and tragedy which men, women and children experience daily.

We want to be instrumental in changing the lives and the history of people near and far, similar to us or different from us.

You might wonder: “Why do you do it?”

Because we believe it is our duty. We also believe that our mission is possible even if, humanly speaking, the many difficulties we face make it seem impossible!

Our only motivation is the desire to share true love with our neighbors, even those who are unknown to us.

Let us be conquered by love and passion to reach wounded and desperate hearts.

This is a good reason for choosing Missione Possibile!